Nerdy Post: responding to a Pokemon themed article in forbes

Here’s the article in question

I’ve been a fan of the Pokemon franchise since 1997. I started with the anime and briefly got into the cards but it’s the main series games that I enjoy the most.

My Favorite

My Favorite

I took a break during generation 3, but I came back for generation 4 and have remained fairly consistent ever since. So needless to say I was interested in seeing what forbes had to say about the franchise and the “one game fans want”. According to the author, what we fans want is a fully fledged console Pokemon RPG.

Like these only better

Like these only… better

As the examples above suggest, a console pokemon RPG isn’t anything new. With the middling success of these games I can understand why Nintendo/Game freak may want to play it safe. The hand held games are the ones that drive the success. Sure, Nintendo will do the occasional spin off but nothing beyond that. Unfortunately its this desire to play it safe that causes the franchise to remain stagnant. Originally there was a console tie-in with every generation of the game. In the first we had Pokemon Stadium. In the second, Pokemon Stadium 2 (which expanded on the first). In the stadium series the main feature was battling in 3D;  there were also mini games and a storage system, but that’s it. In the third generation we had two (as seen above), which expanded from the Stadium series, but was still lacking in comparison to the RPG hand helds.  The third generation also included a storage system separate from the RPGs. The last console tie-ins was Pokemon Battle revolution (which only featured battling) and pokemon ranch (a storage system).

The article goes on to talk about a japanese arcade pokemon fighting game, and new i-phone/smart phone apps.  A modern Pokemon game should emphasize ALL OF IT. Instead of dipping their toe in the metaphorical water, nintendo/game freak needs to invest in a fully loaded pokemon console series. Not just another watered down RPG, but an expansive interactive world to explore. This game should tie into the hand held series in the way stadium (Colosseum, etc.)did in the past. Providing extra features to those who were willing to get the additional games. Yet, the RPG should also be it’s own game similar to the hand helds (ie: don’t punish those without the hand helds in order to reward those with them). I would go so far to suggest that this game should replicate the anime. The battles, for example, should incorporate more interaction (like the fighting game is experimenting with) rather than the RPG interface (as should the HM moves like “fly”). Nintendo can also create DLC to expand the worlds further.

However, in order to get this “ultimate Pokemon game” made, Nintendo needs to take their time. With the holiday season coming up, they run the risk of wanting to release their games sooner rather than later.  Nintendo needs to take their time, put out a lot of hype and publicity, and develop this hypothetical game correctly.