Geeks Under Grace: Romans 6:1-2


Romans 6
1 What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?
2 By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?

First of all let me say this: I don’t hate Geeks Under Grace. As a believer in Christ who also happens to be a nerd, I do appreciate the existence of a group that allows me to integrate these two interests of mine. However Geeks Under Grace has that pitfall typical of groups whose declared purpose is to bring people together. As seen in my “not polar opposites” series, declared Christians come in multiple flavors. Being a Christian group, those of the conservative slant tend to make up a fair number of the members. However, there are more than a few out spoken progressive believers in the group as well. I haven’t really gone out of my way to calculate the raw numbers numbers. Additionally, political topics tend to come up every once in a while. This isn’t new for Christian groups however, the efforts made to keep people “unified” are interesting to say the least.

As cliche as this sounds, there seems to be a bias in favor of those on the progressive side. It would seem that the more conservative or traditional members are more commonly reined in to avoid “bullying” the others. The progressive believers don’t really seem to require the protection as they make strong statements, yet they will shut down or change the subject when pressed “too far”. What’s interesting is this seems to effect most of the religious discussion in favor of the “geek” discourse. I haven’t seen this same moderation on the webpage for the group that I have seen for the Facebook page. The former does allow for more stronger differences of opinion. Despite this openness, however, the blog post also tends to have marginal “in name only” Christian themes. Such as praising Legend of Korra for the controversial ending or utilizing groups in the “M” rated Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (a favorite game of mine) as Christian example setters.

As I posted in the title of this post, geeks under grace seems to fit in to Paul’s message on grace in the book of Romans. The previous chapter was about how our salvation as Christians is through grace and faith alone and not by works. This sets up his introduction in Chapter 6. Paul rhetorically asks if we can continue to sin since God’s grace is what saves us. “By no means!” Both chapters state that we are dead to sin through the grace of God. As a result our lives are in Christ. A person living in Christ has no “use” or excuse for sin. Despite my complaints, and occasional Facebook deactivation, efforts are being made, perhaps subconsciously, in making the group more aware of it’s Christian roots. One of the members bravely used the group as an accountability outlet for his lust issues. Others have used the group for prayer requests, etc. Time will tell how much further this change will take place, but it’s obviously a step in the right direction.

Another lesser complaint I have in this group is that they constantly disparage Christian media. Much of that is actually justified, but some of it comes off as impulsive and  routine. Especially when they complain about the alleged lack of realism from the hypothetical film’s themes. Provide a positive example of a Christian film or at least provide an synopsis of what a good Christian movie should look like.


7 responses to “Geeks Under Grace: Romans 6:1-2

  1. Interesting…had never heard of them. Are they big enough to care though or am I missing something? They seem like a small group on FB. That sounds as if I’m equating size with relevance, I really don’t mean to, (good is good, crap is crap whatever the size) but having read your post I thought I’d be clicking to a large professional, slick website akin to the Scientologists.

    I guess I’m asking myself why you wrote about them and then answering my own question with ‘because he said he is a christian and a geek fool!’
    Great bio BTW, is there a reason for no comments on that page as I would think people would find what you wrote interesting when they land there.


    • Thank you for the comment!

      Geeks Under Grace is a bit of a niche community. It consists of gamers, comic book fans, and all around science fiction/fantasy enthusiasts who happen to also identify as Christian. There are similar groups for other demographics who appreciate “nerd culture” while also identifying in certain groups. Though geeks under grace is probably the “biggest” group in terms of Christian nerds (considering a lot of nerd culture is consider immature or sacrilege to the mainstream Christian community). My issue is that, in an attempt to bring people in, this group tends to look wearily on Christians who are willing to make strong stances in light of scripture. Understandable yet dangerous.

      Thank you for your words about my bio. It’s really supposed to provide context about who I am as I make my posts. It’s not a topic in and of myself, but eventually it will be a “table of contents” for some of the specific points. I just need to get less lazy, lol.


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